College ratings

I really don’t give much importance to college ratings because even if I did, I’m sure I would never be able to afford an Ivy League institution for myself or my children. Competition between schools is very natural since it’s human nature to be competitive. In my opinion, the competition between schools has much to do with money, meaning that the school that has the highest ratings is the one most likely people will want to go to. My experience with competing in school started very early since my friendships started very strong in elementary school and the same group of kids used to do all projects together and we were always very competitive. One of our group members was the teacher’s daughter so we had to prove ourselves even more to show the other kids we didn’t get graded according to that bias. In high school things didn’t change much, we were always involved in projects to get our school recognized throughout the city, so competition was a key element and sometimes the winning factor. At this point in my life, I don’t pay attention to college ratings and how competitive they might be, these studies usually state that to get their statistics they talk to teachers, staff and students. I don’t remember anybody asking me questions about Queens College, so there’s always a suspicion of how accurate these studies are and if they are only supposed to benefit the collge in question.

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