What would I change about QC

I would definitelly change a few things about Queens College, one of them being the high tuition they charge the students. I’m often thinking about how much I have to pay and the many times I had to drop out just because I couldn’t afford it anymore. At the time I was not eligible for financial aid because my income was considered relatively high (not with 4 children!). I would either have them make it more affordable for everybody or not charge the tuition at all. Another thing I would change is the space at the Student Union, I can never find a place to sit, there’s not enough room for everybody and I usually end up eating in the classroom which is a huge inconvenience. One more thing I would definitelly change at QC is the parking fees and space. Again, there’s not enough room for everybody and they charge too much for parking. I have even heard that they sell more parking spaces than they actually have, this ends up being very annoying for the students since they are not guaranteed a parking space even after paying the fee. I would definitelly drop the Gen. Ed. classes, seems like we have no use for them since my major is Accounting and I’m not sure why I had to take Art & Music as part of the first requirements. I like the space outside, there’s a lot of lawn and everytime I bring the kids they like to roll down the hills and I wouldn’t change anything there. As for the rest who should we talk to to make all these changes happen?

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