A Girl Like Me

In the above video, Afrivcan American children are asked to choose between two dolls, that are laid side by side on a table right in front of the children. The dolls colors are black and white and they are asked to choose between them because the person conducting this experiment is trying to see what are the children’s preferences towards skin color. Most children choose the white doll describing it to be the good one or the nice one, when they were asked about which one was the bad doll, majority of the children chose the black doll. They preferred the white doll because society views white people as being beautiful and the children want to be just like them. When on of the girls was asked which of the dolls she looked like, she hesitated a little almost touching the white doll, but then she grabbed the black one. It’s difficult for the girls to identify with the black doll because their own parent instill in them at an early age that they should look less “black”, even providing them with ways to become a little lighter skinwise, this way they will be accepted by society.

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