Hope on the Rez

I can identify with the people in this video. I’m not native American, but I have a good deal of Brazilian indian in me. I also identify with the single mothers trying to study to get a better future for them and their children, because I know how difficult it is to juggle family and school. Unfortunately they have to worry about the financial side, and I know how that goes when trying to pay for bills and school because I had to drop out a few years ago because I could not afford it. Financial Aid would say that my income was high but with four children, the calculations from their office was never accurate forcing me to dorp out till I decided to come back full time. This video is inspiring because they are trying to  maintain their culture by keeping their best people inside their reservations, instead of them leaving to serve other locations.  They are doing a great thing by encouraging their own people to go back to school and by giving them scholarships to make their goals more attainable.

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