Cover Letter

When I decided to come back to school full time, I did not realize the amount of classes I still had to take in order to finish my degree, so I was finally able to sit down with my advisor and fill out an audit degree form. I was surprised and shocked when I found out that I still had to take another writing intensive class as a part of my academic curriculum. When I registered for the 2012 Spring semester, I never thought about checking out the professors like most of my friends do and I was very lucky to register for English 110 with professor Alvarez. At first, I was not thrilled about the morning time, since it was hard for me to be there on time, but everything changed when I realized how interesting the professor made this class. I was able to use technology to discuss important matters and issues that actually related to my life such as college representations and the institution of college in America. I watched videos on these issues and was able to comment on them. I also learnt to insert media into my blog and was able to comment on my classmates’ blogs and youtube videos which was also an interesting experience. I loved participating in class, and expressing my opinions was liberating because it showed that the professor was really interested in knowing our life experiences. The idea of using a blog to hand in assignments took all the pressure off of paper assignments because the professor made it fun to work with these blogs. All other English classes I took before were so boring because all the assignments reminded me of the ones I had to do in high school, they were not very challenging.  Also I remember when I had American Literature classes at Queens College a while back, we only learned about African American Literature because the professor was African American, so I thought that was a one-sided situation, but I managed to learn from it. I love reading but it’s very hard for me to sit and read with my kids around waiting for me to do something for them, so this class and the youtube videos were not only time saving but also very informative. I’m sure professor Alvarez has a brilliant future ahead of him and a wonderful career in teaching, he’s charismatic, understanding and very knowledgeable and anyone that has a chance to learn from him is a very fortunate student such as myself.

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