I love college – Asher Roth

March 13th, 2012

This video depicts the typical American college kid, who loves to party and that one day realizes that he does not want to leave college! It also shows that college is something to look forward to for those who think that it’s all about booze, girls, etc… Asher Roth mentions all the advantages of being a college student such as paying less for pizza, naked girls, beer drinking, and apparently he learned a few rules like “don’t drink with your shoes on, put 2 condoms on”… he says “do something crazy” etc…at the end he actually says he’s going to class but he’ll eat right after just to start to party all over again.


Another video I found that depicts life in college is the movie trailer “Superbad”, which I could never watch in its entirety, but found the trailer funny anyway. Apparently these kids will do anything for booze and girls, I also found it funny how the cops are running away from the cops… go figure!


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College Stereotypes

March 10th, 2012

The types of stereotypes I notice are ususally the ones depicted in movies or music videos. They’re usually partying, drunk, having unprotected sex and doing drugs. Sometimes I notice the ocasional nerd, but who wants to see those in music videos these days? Status is to have money or fame, the more popular you are, the more people like you and follow you.

The popular people I knew in High School were annoying and I constantly got into verbal fights with them. The only reason why they were popular was because they had money, or they were pretty. Athletics was never a problem for me, but where I come from, that’s not what makes you popular. My group of friends wound up being popular in our second year of high school because we founded an environmental group that made our school kind of famous in our city.

The stereotypes I notice in Queens College are diverse. When I have lunch at the Student Union I can observe the different groups of students that sit together and how the clics are usually the same. Being a student who took classes in the evening, I can pretty much distinguish both groups, and I can differentiate the way they behave, for example, evening students do not usually gather round the lawn and play the piano, or have time to play a game of pool like the daytime students. Usually in these groups, the most popular person is the one followed or copied, and that’s how status comes to be. I am yet to see a stereotype in Queens College that resembles the ones in college movies, but I’m not 100% involved in the clubs so I’m not so sure if they exist here.

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Essay 1 – Parent Interview

March 7th, 2012

03 March  2012

Hardships are
not an obstacle to learning

Leoni  Silva was born in Brazil in 1953, she grew up in Paranagua, a small city in the south of Brazil. According to her, she grew up poor and had many hardships in all aspects of life. Her education was not an exception but because she felt so strongly about it, she did not allow those hardships to get in the way of her academic success.

One example she provided was the hunger she was subject to as a child, she said, “my drunken father used to come home and throw away the food I worked so hard to buy” (Leoni). According to Leoni, because her father was normally intoxicated, he did not foresee the consequences of his actions of throwing away the only food they had at home, and she goes on to say, “left me and your uncle without anything to eat until the next morning when we both went to school starved till recess when we got our first meal of the day”. Here Leoni mentions her brother as well and how they were exposed to the unacceptable behavior of their father, when they had to wait for the next day to go to school just so they could eat a proper meal, and also how this created a major impact in their path to learning. Leoni also mentions other hardships such as lack of school transportation near her home when she said, “I remember when I started school and I was 7 years old, I had to walk six long blocks all by myself, just to get to the bus stop” According to Leoni, even at such a youneng age her willingness to learn was very strong and this allowed her to understand how important getting up early and walking to the bus stop every day would someday be rewarded. She is describing one of her many struggles by growing up poor and because of that financial hardships were also a big part of her educational background according to her statement: I did well in the test so I was accepted in a private school, but that was another battle because my parents couldn’t pay and I was left behind.” In this quote she  indicates that not only she had to meet the academic requirements to be promoted to a higher grade, but she also needed the financial means to do so, by passing the test, she proved that she was clever enough to study in any school, even a private school but because her parents were poor, she had to stop her studies and wait for another opportunity to present itself to continue her academic career.

When I asked her about her parents’ educational background, it was clear to me that they hadn’t accomplished much being that both of her parents did not finish elementary school as she described that, my parents, only went up to 4th grade” (Leoni). According to her, her parents education wasn’t complete, they did not achieve much in life and she wanted something different for her own life, so when I asked her if her parents had influenced her education, she said “yes” (S.) and mentioned her father right away, she said I wanted to succeed, to show to my father specially that even without his help I could go far where his eyes never could see me.” Here she describes how much  having a formal education meant to her, it became a goal in her life because of her father’s aggressiveness towards her family she wanted to prove to him that his assistance or even approval was not essential in the path to  her desired success. According to her, it was difficult to come from a family with such low educational credentials “because they didn’t have any educational background to help me, I had to look for help in every direction I could find it”  According to this statement, Leoni’s eagerness to learn was so powerful that she didn’t care about her parents’ lack of schooling and she pursued her own  education by other means, such as friends, relatives and teachers because she knew that her parents would never be able to assist her in terms of a formal education.

Since her parents weren’t her educational role models and she was still able to accomplish so much in her life, I asked her why did she want to go to college and she said because I wanted to have a better life and give my children a better life too” (Leoni). In my opinion, having so little in her childhood, drove her to become a better person and to provide for her children what her parents weren’t able to provide for her. She also said that she wanted to provide “guidance” for her future generations. So I asked her if it was difficult attending high school and then college working full time and having four children, because this reminds me of my own experience as a mother and student and she said, it wasn’t easy, because I had to be focused in so many things such as meal time” (Leoni). She describes here that not only was she  dedicated to her children, she was also dedicated to her studies, and this made her efforts even greater because of time management, she had to make sure that everybody, including her, continued to direct their attention to their obligations. She goes on to say that she was very “lucky” because her kids did not worry her in terms of school work and that they always  followed her lead. When I asked her about her expectations for her children’s educational goals, she said she has lots of expectations, a “college degree” being one of them but mostly she said, I’ll expect they do their best” meaning that no matter what they chose, or what career path they decide to follow, even without a college degree, they will exceed her expectations.  I asked her what made her chose her first major, Children Psychology and she said the “the System and the way I saw some schools treat the kids, specially the poor kids” she probably identified with those children and their hardships, since she was also underprivileged growing up, but I remember she then changed her major after her first year of college and decided to go to Law School, so I asked her why and she said, I decided to become a Lawyer, so my voice could be heard” I imagine that the treatment towards these children were unbearable to my mother and if her degree was Psychology she still would not be able to help them in what she believed was a much higher level, she wanted the whole world to know the situation in the schools, so she decided to become a lawyer to fight for their rights. She also pointed out that later on she regretted changing her major because to her being a teacher is the “the most important profession in the world” she believes that without a teacher or someone to guide us in our paths to success, there’s not much a person can accomplish, any other profession is believed to bring someone “status”, but without a teacher to steer us in the right direction, that goal of success just gets a little more difficult to accomplish.

Finally when I asked her about what she expected of me in terms of my education, she said “I expect you achieve the highest knowledge possible”, (Leoni). I believe that she means I should get the most out of my college experience and hopefully achieve my goal of finishing a degree. She also said that she hopes that college is giving me the necessary “tools” to make me a great professional and also “to make a difference in the life of other people”. I suppose she means that going to college will allow me to get the most out of this amazing experience and that someday others will be able benefit from my knowledge.



 Silva, Leoni. Personal interview. 3 Mar. 2012.


Q. What is your full name?

A. Leoni do Rosario Silva

Q. When were you born? Or How old are you?

A. 09-29-1953 I’m 58 years old.

Q. Where were you born?

A. Paranagua – Parana – Brazil

Q. What is your greatest reward as a parent?

A.  To see my girls following me in the same path of education, because my boys dropped out of school.

Q. What do you enjoy most as a parent?

A. To do my best so that all my family succeeds.

Q. What do you enjoy least as a parent?

A. When I have to push my kids hard, to make them understand something they can’t do it by themselves yet. It breaks my heart, but sometimes you have to be a little tough with them.

Q. What has been your greatest struggle as a parent?

A. To live far from my sons and didn’t see any educational progress in their part, they have dropped out of high school. Unfortunately they don’t have the same will I had when I was young, they don’t have any ambition about their future.

Q. What is the highest level of education you have completed?

A. I’m a teacher, I also studied Business Administration in High School then went to Law School. After that I was studying to become a Judge and I stopped to come here.

Q. What is the highest level of education your parents completed?

A. My parents, both never completed elementary school, they only went up to 4th grade.

Q. Was that difficult, coming from a family that achieved low educational credentials? Why?

A. Yes. Because they didn’t have any educational background to help me, because my mom did not go to school, she was home schooled because she lived in a farm, my father went to school but he was often beaten by his teacher because of his behavior so he quit school at 4th grade. I had to look for help in every direction I could find it, like my cousins who were in the college at that time, friends, neighbors, my teachers, and specially the library.

Q. Who are your educational role models? Why?

A. My cousin Avelino, because he went to technical school and went to college for Business Administration, most companies would not hire him because of his skills and educational background.

Q. What were some of the choices you made for the schools I would attend?

A. We used to live in a tight knit neighborhood, and I made the choices for you based on the people that worked in the schools and their character, because at the time the Principal in that school was my teacher and my friend, when I was in High School studying so I knew I could trust her. She later became your Godmother.

Q. How was it attending College (University) while working full time with four children?

A. Wasn’t easy, because I had to be focused in so many things such as meal time, my and your (yours and your siblings) homework. I  consider myself a very lucky mother, I had great kids, who always had followed my lead, specially my daughters, who always made me so
proud and also helped me a lot.

Q. What made you change your major from Children Psychology to Law?

A. The System and the way I saw some schools treat the kids, specially the poor kids. I used to work in one of those day care centers, here the mothers leave the kids in the morning and go to work. I use to teach Pre-K. One day I arrived in the afternoon and I saw one of mine students with his brother in his lap and his hair was wet and he was crying, so I asked what happened and his older brother answered saying that the lady responsible for the lunch room put his brother’s face inside a plate of soup, because he couldn’t eat the whole plate and she got mad. I spoke to the Principal, to Department of Education and nobody did anything about it. So I decided to become a Lawyer, so my voice could be heard.

Q. Do you regret changing your major? Yes or No? Why?

A. Yes, because to me the most important profession in the world is a being a Teacher. Everybody always wants to be a Lawyer, Doctor, Economist, because they think it will bring them an elevated status, but nobody thinks they have to go be taught, and without a teacher they don’t go nowhere and became nothing.

Q. What do you expect of me in terms of my education?

A. I expect you achieve the highest knowledge possible, so you can do your best and be a role model to my grandchildren.

Q. What are your expectations from this English course [college; major]?

A. I hope that College is giving you the right level in education and the necessary tools to make my you became a great professional and make a difference in your and the life of other people.

Q. What educational goals do you have for your children?

A. I have a lot educational goals for my children, of course, including a college degree, for all of them, but if they chose some other careers, I’ll expect they do their best, no matter what they choose, because if they want to go on their own, I hope I was a good example for them.

Q. What do you see me doing in ten years?

A. I see you graduated, working in a good Company, until you can start your own business and also so you can help your children to accomplish their goals too.

Q. Why did you want/not want to go to college?

A. I wanted to go to college because I wanted to have a better life and give my children a better life too, and most important, to give them guidance for their future generation.

Q. What kinds of hardships (if any) did you have to face to  continue your education?

A. I always had hardships. I remember when I started school and I  was 7 years old, I didn’t have a backpack to put  my only notebook and my pencil, so I had to put inside a plastic bag that once  had grains of rice inside, I had to walk two long blocks all by myself, at 6  o’clock in the morning every day, so I could meet my Godmother at the bus stop  that would take me to my school. After my fourth grade, I had to take a special
test so I that I would be promoted to 5th grade, and unfortunately  my mom couldn’t find a Public School, but because I did well in the test I was
accepted in a Private School, but that was another battle because my parents couldn’t pay and I was left behind. I also had to sell cans, bottles, bones,  and wood, for by my schools supplies, and that’s was until I was 12 years old,  when somebody told me I could get my school supplies thorough politicians and so  I did. I used to walk for 2 or 3 hours to the Representatives House, I sat on  the steps outside, sometimes for 3 to 4 hours, to wait for them. After that my  school provided things for me such as, school supplies, uniforms, shoes and even  warm jackets until I finished 8th grade. Another hardship was  hunger, my drunken father used to come home and throw away the food I worked so  hard to buy and left me and your uncle without anything to eat until the next  morning when we both went to school starved till recess when we got our first meal
of the day.

Q. Did your parents  influence your education? Why? How?

A. Yes. Because I wanted to succeed, to show to my father specially  that even without his help I could go  far where his eyes never could see me. My parents never went to my schools to  see if I had good grades or if I was a good student. When I questioned my Mom,  she’s always told to me that she always trusted me.

Q. What kinds of options were available for people who didn’t go to  college?

A. Unfortunately, the heavy jobs, for women such as House Cleaning and House Keeping, sometimes even construction. For men construction, dirt jobs such as sewer cleaners,  mines, bus drivers, etc.


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College Sororities Stereotypes

March 3rd, 2012

This video is a joke about what sororities are supposed to be like. I don’t see many cheerleaders at QC, but I’ve seen pamphlets about joining the sorority (can’t remember what is called) all over the college walls. I’ve seen videos of how some of these sororities initiate their pledges and to me it’s just completelly ridiculous! Maybe I’m too old for this concept or maybe I’m too wise! lol

The End

College Stereotypes Test

March 3rd, 2012

I chose this video because it describes what the typical college student is branded with in terms of stereotypes. There’s the reaction to alcohol, women and students from other colleges.

The End

Dad & daughter college visit

March 3rd, 2012


I chose this video because it portrays the all “American college”  lots of cheerleaders, lots of jocks, huge campus, lots of lawn to sit on… and of course, a father trying to convince his daughter to attend his college, or at least trying to her excited about college. At the end of the video, the truth about what kids really want out of their college education comes out, as his daughter waves to one of the jocks passing by…


The End

Green River Community College

March 3rd, 2012

This is a community college that focuses more on international students. Their portrayal of college life is what parents would expect to see, meaning that it describes more of an appropriate place to learn, there’s no drinking, no partying, no hooking up…

The End

College Majors

March 3rd, 2012

This video gave me an insight on how to choose a major in this economy and basically just try to make the most of it. There’s always the possibility of changing my major at any time I decide this is not I want to do for the rest of my life. In my case, I wouldn’t change it at this point, the major I chose will have to suffice for now.


The End

Dad destroys daughter’s laptop

February 29th, 2012


I chose this video because as a parent I am concerned about what my kids do online and when I saw this father’s reaction to a Facebook post his daughter addressed to him and her mother,  I had mixed feelings about what this father calls: “Facebook Parenting for the Troubled Teen”… I thought his reaction was a little over the top and that things could’ve been handled in a more civilized way.

The End

Narratives – Friend Interview

February 28th, 2012


  1. (Can you talk now?)
  2. Yeah I’m gonna walk to the store and we’ll talk
  3. (Ok cool, all right so, do you have a parent teacher conference today too or not?  is it just me?)
  4. Just you? No, I don’t know anything about a parent teacher conference
  5. (Might be just middle school)
  6. Is it half a day?
  7. (Yeah, yeah )
  8. Kaitlyn goes to middle school and she doesn’t have half day
  9. (Oh, ok)
  10. It’s different now with the new Chancellor, kids get out here and they get out there, parent teacher is different, traffic and shit
  11. (Right right)
  12. Remember when I called you last time and I asked you if you had yours, but you didn’t?
  13. (That’s right, Emily just called and she scared me cause I wondered why she was at home around noon, I thought something might’ve happened in school but then again the school didn’t call me so… I get worried you know if all these school shootings going on…)
  14. Giiiirl, talking about shootings, I gotta tell you what happened to me last week…
  15. (Do tell)
  16. I was driving the B47 eastbound, nope sorry, westbound
  17. when a boy and his girlfriend got on the bus and go straight to the back of the bus without paying their fare
  18. to tell the truth he looked like he was as high as a kite if you will,
  19. but seconds later he comes up to me and says
  20. “I’m sorry I didn’t pay my fare I have a lot of things in my mind right now”,
  21.  I said ok no problem, so I dropped them both off and proceeded to Kings Plaza,
  22. so after I went to the last stop and turned around driving eastbound
  23. noticed that they were at the stop I had just dropped them off
  24. I also noticed that this time there were three of them, instead of the two and I picked them up,
  25. as I picked them up he explained to me that the older man was his father
  26. they had just witnessed a gang of boys trying to rob the grocery store around the corner of his house
  27. I thought they were talking about another day, I didn’t think they were talking about that day…
  28. so two stops later who I pick up, about six young men and they all get on the bus with a girl,
  29. so the first boy comes up to me and says: “yo, that’s them!”
  30. And I go what do you mean that’s them?
  31. And after that he starts to panic telling me that I have to call the cops
  32. I told him that I couldn’t because I was driving the bus,
  33. so I told him to make the call and to keep it down!
  34. so he calls the cops and he is saying to the 911 dispatcher:
  35. “oh you gotta send somebody, they’re on the bus, they have a gun, they’re gonna kill me, they’re gonna kill me!”
  36. So I start to panic and I become very nervous and very scared, and I don’t know what’s gonna happen, but I’m still driving the bus as if nothing is happening…
  37. a couple of blocks later I spot a cop car and very slowly I pop the brakes, put on my hazards so they knew this was the bus they were looking for , grabbed my purse and ran out of the bus!
  38. As I’m going around the bus I see the cops running towards it and asking me “where are they, where are they?” so I told them “in the back”…
  39. the gentleman that called the cops tried to leave the bus
  40. and as I look back their guns were drawn towards him and I heard them say: get back in the bus, get back in the bus!
  41. As it turns out, the boys did not have a gun in the bus,
  42. so the cop advised everybody to stay inside while he came towards me to tell me about the no gun situation,
  43. I was really pissed at this kid who almost gave me a heart attack for nothing!
  44. Then all of a sudden, we hear gunfire, and the cops tell everybody to get down,
  45. I was across the street in a gas station and literally pissed my pants!
  46. The cops said the gunfire was related to the bus incident because as it turns out the kids jumped out of the bus and went inside a car that was following the bus!
  47. They said that the boys were probably waiting for the kid to get off the bus
  48. the people in the car following us would open fire after the kids in the bus surrounded him
  49. The cops also told the kid to move out of the neighborhood
  50. and told me to never drive the B47 again, cause that will be the last thing I do!
  51. They said the gunfire was a warning for a few probable reasons:
  52. 1. To warn this kid to leave cause they weren’t done with him,
  53. 2. To warn the white bitch bus driver to never show her face in the neighborhood again!
  54. I can guarantee you that I never will!!!


1 to 27 – Introduction

28 to 37 – Rising Action

38 to 45 – Climax

46 to 50 – Falling Action

51 to 54 – Conclusion


The End

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